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Drone Flying
New Drone Regulations in Canada
Starting June 1, 2019 anyone flying a Drone or Model Airplane in Canada needs to have a Pilot Certificate issued by Transport Canada.
If your flying machine weighs less than 250 grams, or you will only be flying indoors (or underground), then you don't need the Pilot Certificate. But if you plan to fly your machine outdoors, then it's Federal Law (part of the Canadian Aviation Regulations) starting June 1, 2019.
You will need either a Basic or Advanced Pilot Certificate. Here is how it works:
Pilot Certificate - Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems Basic Operations
This is what Transport Canada calls the pilot certificate needed to fly your drone if it weighs less than 25 Kg, is always kept withing line-of-sight, not flown near an airport, and kept away from by-standers.
Pilot Certificate - Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems Advanced Operations
If you need to fly your machine near airports, or over an assembly of people, then you will need this Advanced Pilot Certificate.
How to Obtain your Pilot Certificate
Transport Canada administers an on-line written examination. There is a $10 fee for every attempt.
For the Basic certificate, you will have 90 minutes to answer 35 questions. The pass mark is 65%.
For the Advanced certificate, you will have 60 minutes to answer 50 questions. The pass mark is 80%.
What you need to know
There are 8 "Sections" of knowledge that you will need in order to pass the exam. All 8 sections are required knowledge for both the Basic and Advanced certificate - althouth the Advanced certificate goes into more detail. The 8 sections are as follows:
Section 1: Air Law, Air Traffic Rules and Procedures (14 questions)
Section 2: RPAS airframes, power plants, propulsion and systems (2 questions)
Section 3: Human factors (2 questions)
Section 4: Meteorology (2 questions)
Section 5: Navigation (4 questions)
Section 6: Flight operations (5 questions)
Section 7: Theory of flight (2 questions)
Section 8: Radiotelephony (4 questions)

Transport Canada has published a detailed Knowledge Guide that spells out exactly what you need to know:
Is there a course?
Transport Canada only very recently released the details of what knowledge will be needed, so many organizations are scambling to put together courses. Here at Air Time Canada we are doing the same. We expect to have an on-line course for the Basic Certificate ready by March 15 2019. The course will cost $5 (to cover expenses).
If you are interested in being notified when the course is ready, please register your email address below. Your email address will not be shared with anyone and we will only use it once - to let you know when the on-line course is ready. After that your email address will be deleted.
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The "Introduction" video of the course is free. You can watch it here: