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CYPW - Powell River
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Camping Permitted:
Hike / Dog-Walk (at field):
Hike / Dog-Walk (taxi ride):
There are two great trails at Powell River. The Lake Trail is accessible from the airport, the other is a short taxi ride away at Willington Beach

The Lake Trail followed a power-line for about 45 minutes to a small lake and dock. It takes a short (2 block) walk from the airport to get onto the trail.

A $15 taxi ride can take you Willington Beach, with a trail that runs along-side the beach. This trail is dotted with some old logging equipment as a kind of museum and kids play-area. The beach is rocky for very scenic.

The dock at the end of the Lake Trail.
The Lake Trail. The small puddle was full of frogs when we went by.
The entrance to Willington Beach. The trail head is about 200 yards further along.
Willington Beach Trail.
Lake Trail: Walk the red line (on leach) to the trail entrance at the circle.