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CYGB - Texada - Gilles Bay
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Camping Permitted:
Hike / Dog-Walk (at field):
Hike / Dog-Walk (taxi ride):
A 40-minute walk along this airport-accessible trail leads down to a relatively remote beach on the East coast of Texada island.

The airport permits plane-side camping in the grass tie-down area. They even provide fire-pits.

A washroom is available in the terminal building. The water may not be potable.

The beach at the bottom of the 40-minute trail from the airport.
Gilles Bay / Texada airport seen from Left-Base
Early part of the trail is basically a dirt-road. Becomes more of a hiking trail closer to the river.
There is access to the trail from the east-side airport fence, but it can be difficult to find. The better bet is to walk down the road shown here.